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Coleman Pop Up Tent

The Coleman Company has been in the business of manufacturing and selling camping and outdoor gear since 1905. In 1962 they began offering tents. Today Coleman is one of the oldest and most trusted names in outdoor and camping equipment. They offer a large line of tents to suit many different needs.


Coleman’s line of tents includes, family tents, backpacking tents and hinged door tents. You will find Coleman tents are among the most affordable on the market. Because their selection is so large it is likely they offer one that fits your needs as well as your budget.

The Coleman Pop Up Tent is one of the most popular. It is also known as the Coleman Instant Tent. Its name is a big clue to its popularity. If you have ever struggled with setting up a tent or taking one down you will really appreciate the Coleman Pop Up tent. Coleman states it can go from its carrying bag to full and complete set up in one minute. That’s right from carry bag to completely set up, and ready to enjoy in one minute. That’s amazing! Owners of the Coleman Pop Up Tent have said they have been one of the last to arrive at the campsite and still one of the first to finish setting up. Take down and put away time is just as fast. There are several videos that demonstrate this.

If you have ever set up and taken down a traditional tent you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be. That frustration can grow with a missing piece such as a tent pole. The amount of time and work this tent will save you is incredible. It’s quick and easy set up comes from its construction. Although Coleman tents are known for quality construction and durable materials, their Instant Tents are unique in the way they are put together. The most notable feature is their pre-attached poles. No longer will you have to search through the tent poles to match them up with the correct sleeve to put it in. This is already done for you, every time. This tent comes out of the bag ready to stand up. Another nice feature is the shape of the tent. Coleman Instant Tents are designed with the sides or walls in a more vertical position. This gives you more usable space and more headroom. Most tents use a slanted or angled wall design. Just imagine you have arrived at your campsite. The car truck or SUV is loaded with all your gear. One person could get out the Coleman Instant Tent and have it set up all by themselves before the rest of your gear has even begun to be unloaded. That’s the beauty of the Coleman Instant.

Coleman Instant Tents are available in three sizes to best suit your particular needs. The sizes are 4 person, 6 person and 8 person. Their features are similar with very few differences. Below are some specifications of each size.

Coleman 4 Person Tent:
8’ x 7’, center height 4’ 11”
Weight 9.8 lbs.

Coleman 6 Person Tent:
10’ x 9’, center height 5’ 11”
Weight 24.64 lbs.

Coleman 8 Person Tent:
14’ x 8’, center height 6’ 4”
Weight 37.7 lbs.